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Collaborative Translation by People & AI

Dive deep into a new experience of the Quran with our revolutionary translation, launched in October 2023. This rendition weaves human insight and cutting-edge artificial intelligence, setting it apart with its vivid clarity, contemporary relevance, and true fidelity to the intricate nuances of the original text.

Humanity Meets Technology: At the heart of our translation lies a groundbreaking fusion of human scholarship and advanced AI. Together, they birth a translation that’s unmatched in its clarity, elegance, accuracy, and soulful appeal.

Crystal Clear & Inviting: Designed for effortless reading, our translation paves a clear path, enabling the Quran's profound wisdom to touch every reader's heart directly.

A Faithful Mirror: Each verse reflects the Quran’s original depth and guidance with unmatched precision.

Pure & Unbiased: Our rendition presents the Quran devoid of any personal or sectarian slant—pure, unadulterated, and free from individualized interpretation.

Contemporary Words, Timeless Message: While using modern English, we ensure that the timeless message of the original Arabic is conveyed, making it both relatable and profound.

Accessible Language, Rigorous Standards: Achieving a 96% Grammarly score, our translation adheres to strict grammatical standards, ensuring accuracy and ease of understanding. With a Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level of 5.2, it’s designed to be comprehensible for readers as young as twelve, inviting a wider audience to engage with the Quran's teachings.

The Poetic Elegance: Our translation doesn’t just convey meaning—it captures the Quran's poetic beauty, making every read a soulful journey.

The Quran, Raw and Direct: Experience the Quran in its most authentic form—a genuine, unfiltered translation that nurtures a deeper, personal bond with the sacred text.

A Universal Embrace: This rendition speaks to all—regardless of faith, age, or background. It’s more than scripture; it’s a beacon of universal wisdom, solace, and spiritual sustenance.

About the Quran: More than Islam's sacred scripture, the Quran stands as a beacon of guidance for all of humanity, revered as God's literal word. It resonates as an eternal wellspring of wisdom, offering mercy, solace, and healing in every line.

Creative Commons License: In the spirit of Quran-sharing, this translation is offered under the Creative Commons license, allowing free redistribution with proper attribution, no modifications, and non-commercial usage.

Embark with us on this journey of unveiling what may be the most nuanced and beautiful rendition of the Quran ever crafted, echoing the voice of the Divine Creator.

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